Best Ewok zeta other than chirpa

As title says, I’m pretty ready for 3po now with them gear 10,11 but was wondering what the next zeta should be? I don’t really mind investing another zeta instead of 50 attempts of rng


  • I’m going paploo, then wicket, will make an interesting team for tw/tb
  • Paploo made the difference for me, wicket I only have on 5 stars so he didn't figure in my team.
    But as soon as I zeta'd paploo i 7*d it on the first attempt after several hundred failures
  • I’ve got Chirpa, Wicket and Paploo which is the exact order I did them in and would follow that order again.
  • I would say Paploo would be best second zeta for you. Wicket is a close second.
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    Lograys adds so much surviveability. Got me though the event without wicket.
  • From:

    zChirpa is essential to a strong Ewok team. I'd argue it's the most effective zeta you can give to any team, it completely transforms them and makes all their synergies fall into place. The other 3 zetas are all passive healing effects, and all have their individual merits, and can be applied in any order depending on how you want to use them:

    zWicket gives slow healing, on both health and protection. This is most effective for longer battles, like raids and TB

    zLogray gives much faster healing, and boosts max health on top of that, but it's more conditional and easier to disrupt by simply dispelling Health Up. Regardless, this is a very effective zeta for shorter battles like in Arena and TW

    zPaploo, with the support of a full Ewok team, is one of the best tanks in the game. The buff spreading abilities of the other Ewoks can refill his health in the blink of an eye, and he already has high base health and defense.
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