Revived NS Zombie tm glitch

Old Daka's unique is supposed to grant revived allies +20% tm, and offense/defense up upon revival. When my ns zombie is dying, and reviving she gains offense, and defense up; but is not gaining +20% tm. I have mostly been playing Revan teams in arena when I started to notice this issue. NS zombie also has the ability to gain 50% tm when an allied unit is revived by zombie's unique ability "undying sacrifice". I noticed she does gain the 50% tm once revived by her unique, yet still does not gain the +20% tm when killed, and revived. I feel that this glitch is costing me many losses in arena, which is costing me Crystal's. Could you please fix this issue asap. Thank you.ciiukj1cwhev.jpg


  • Ninjah9
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    Second photo is zombie revived with 50% tm from undying sacrifice. Third photo is zombie revived with offense/defense up, but 0 tm.

    Also notice in the second photo that mother talzin did not gain offense/defense up upon reviving.
  • Kyno
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