Marquee Merchandising Changes

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Over the past 2 years, we have released many Marquee Characters without re-evaluating the way shards are acquired via the pack and bundle.

As we discussed in the Road Ahead blog, we have been evaluating the release method of these characters, starting with the Emperor’s Shuttle that launched this week. And now starting with the launch of the Droideka, while we are launching it in the classic Marquee style, we are changing the traditional bundle to include crystals and adding a new mega pack that will allow players to increase Droideka’s star rarity with fewer crystals compared to the standard marquee, akin to other mega packs. Below are the changes:

Marquee Bundle
  • Bundle price will be changed from $9.99 to $19.99 (USD)
  • All Marquee Bundle items/currencies remain the same
  • 1350 Crystals will be added to the bundle
    • This is the number of crystals yielded from the $9.99 (USD) Box of Crystals (plus 10 crystals to offset the additional penny)

Standard Marquee Pack
  • No change

New Marquee Mega Pack
  • Crystal cost is 2599
  • Shards range from 15-330
  • Odds will be disclosed on the website and called out in the patch notes at the time of release

Although these changes will be for Droideka, we may continue to make more changes or no changes for subsequent Marquee events. Per the character cadence, we will communicate any changes ~2 weeks prior to the event.

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