Solo HRancor(no zeta needed) maybe for newer players

Vader(l) g12
Tarkin g12
Thrawn g11
First Order Officer g10
First Order Executioner g9

I was trying to put together a team that requires no zetas. I really didn’t want to zeta Vader just to solo rancor.

Couple Points
I feel Vader was unnecessary, debuffs didnt stick very well and his lead was kind of useless.
Can swap for another attacker.

I feel g12s were not necessary, its my first 2 g12s.
I don’t have good selection, I am somewhat of a newer player.
All these characters should be relatively easy to acquire.
Will keep experimenting, will try tie pilot or fo pilot or sabine.


  • Can solo it with a really fast KRU, FOO, and FOX alone. Dont really need KRU's zeta for healing as the Rancor might get like 2-3 turns the whole raid.
  • Maybe, but it is chancing it.
    Rancor will resist tm removal sooner or later and eat someone.
    I could have done it without vader but the point here is not what can I get away with but what will work reliably.
    Soloing heroic rancor first few times feels like an accomplishment.

    I went empire route and players who did the same would have vader/tarkin/thrawn/pilot/palpatine developed. And will have these built up for arena.
    Since most start with Phoenix and get thrawn/emperor.
    Of course can just zeta vader and you are done.

    I have read a lot of threads and everything I read either requited zetas, high gear lvls or some toon that i didn’t want to farm just for this.
    Was trying to use existing roster as much as possible.

    I am not trying to argue, your point is very valid.
    Can add thrawn/tarkin to your team and its the same

  • Naraic
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    Magmatrooper might fit well if running a vader team.
  • Anyone who can remove TM helps, and doubly so if Sith/Empire so for sure Magma would help.
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