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  • I’ve been F2P since I started. These 2 pics are rarity and level sorted backwards. All toons are unlocked and only B1 is not 85, but he’s close. Only 14 toons left to 7*, Traya and Probe aren’t farmable, so they really can’t be counted.
  • HammerHead wrote: »
    I don’t think even if you played since launch as a f2p you can hit that 4-4.5 mill GP unless you can spend money on the game. If you someone did hit that go without spending please let me in on the secret. Also how many mods do you have that are above 20 speed

    I get about 200000 GP per 2-3 months now.
  • I didn't go the get all toons lvl 85 and g7 + route. I farm characters for the usefulness and pvp aspect of the game. Thats the reason i haven't lost a GA yet. Kinda glad i didn't waste all my resources on crap toons. It is what it is though.
    https://www.youtube.com/c/ltsjustlan l Roster ~ swgoh.gg/p/479461123
  • The problem is the way things go now is that you need the bad toons to get other toons. Example ewoks. I am at the point where is am taking everyone to level 85, gear 5+, and eventually as many stars as possible. I focus on getting two characters to gear 12 at a time. Unfortunately my guild isn't top tier which does slow things down.
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