iOS-Shortcuts SWGoH Multi Tool (iPad/iPhone)

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Hell-O everyone :)

I made a shortcut-tool containing many useful applications for the game. For this you only require the free shortcuts app from Apple, that’s all. Since I'm not a programmer, please don't go too hard with me if you don't like the app :D
It's nothing really new or special and of course the app will be constantly improved and provided with new content in the future. However, I would be happy if one or the other would download the tool and give his opinion on it. That would greatly help me improve it as quickly as possible. Feel free to make new proposals and comment on what you like or not and what should be improved.


The shortcut can be downloaded here:

It’s for Free, of course, without any subscription and ad-free.

Already included Features:
•Bots and Tools
•Cantina Shard Calculator
•Effective HP Calculator
•Event Calendar
•HSR Damage Converter
•Mods 2.0
•News Feed
•Features UpdateKit

I wish you a nice weekend, kind regards and lots of loot,



  • Something odd happens when you select mods 2.0, but the rest of it looks pretty clever 👍🏻
  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback, I am of course happy if you like the app :)

    Could you maybe send me a screenshot so I can take a look at the problem with the mods? So far, that's actually gone well. But this was just the first attempt to put pictures on the menus anyway, it's still being revised anyway.

    Can it be that the calendar is not working? I made a mistake in configuring it so that it works for me without any problems, but others cannot access it. Unfortunately, I noticed too late.

    Some have already written that the calendar is not working. I don't have a right solution for this yet, but you can easily fix the problem yourself simply by subscribing to the swgohevents-calendar. It's easy:

    Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
    1. Tap on Calendars.
    2. Tap on Add Account.
    3. Tap on Other.
    4. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar under the Other section.
    5. Enter or copy in the server location of the calendar.

    That was all. Then you can even open the eventcalendar in your normal iphone calender app. Sorry for the circumstances, but I'll take care of everything.

    I wish you a happy Sunday, have fun continuing with the app and getting good loot of course :)
    Greetz, DTD4204
  • And by the way, don‘t forget to check for Updates from time to time ;)
  • @DTD4204 no it crashes and says can’t run/show notifications. This is when you hits mods 2.0 and then click on any of the options that pop up, nothing to do with the calendar.
  • DTD4204
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    I'm Sorry but I have no idea why it doesn't work on your phone. I've tried it about 50 times without any Problems. I try to change something and Update it later or tomorrow. Until it's done just tap Cancel instead of a mod, so the app wont crash at least.
  • Hell-O mates!

    New Update is online, please tap check for update :)

    I completely reworked Mods 2.0. The design is new, it's better to use and you can now select multiple mods to view the primary stats.

    Hope you enjoy the update, more content will follow soon.

    I wish you a lot of success in the grand arena and territory wars. Best greetz,

  • New Update is online!

    This time I've mainly improved the Events Calendar. The list looks better now, more clearly and structured. And if you click an event, you get right to the calendar app, where you can set reminders for events and you can get to the homepage directly to read more information.

    Have fun with it and see you Soon :)


  • UPDATE!!! Receive your Character Stats from API now!

    Check for Update or click

    It’s just a very early version, but I’ve worked a couple of hours to make it work.

    At first you have to insert your Ally Code manually (unfortunatally) by editing the SC. It’s the very first Text Box, should be no problem, i will increase this the next time.
    You have to type in the characters whole ingame. For example Biggs or Traya won’t work. You have to type in Biggs Darklighter or Darth Traya.
    There are just a few stats available at the moment (Speed, Health, Protection, Physical Damage and Special Damage)
    Of course I will add the other stats too, also your equipped gear, Zetas etc. But that’s tons and hours of work so I can’t do that all at one time. There will be more small Updates from time to time.
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