Love for Clones

With all the new crazy OP teams and chars that exist thanks to these updates, any idea when the clones are going to get some love? Because anyone who enjoys using them can’t hope to be competitive; I’ve been getting destroyed by all the new nightsister and Phoenix and even new Jedi teams with power levels well below mine. And an unmasked Kylo soloed my whole team the other day even though he was 5 levels lower than them...


  • Zombie961
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    Well let's assume that the theories are true and Darth Revan takes up either late feb or March, that still leaves april-September, leaving time for the movie. Gotta do something during that time to promote the Clone Wars
  • Clones just got updated helmets. We will get an update to galactic republic in the next year. They should get some benefit then.
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    I bet they'll both get a revamp and be used for a legendary.
  • I have close to 90k of GP with my clones. I would love for them to be effective asap. Let's do this!
  • They could easily add like 5 mediocre clones to different areas of the game *cough* stores *cough* to mix things up a bit. E.g. Phase 1 trooper, 501st Phase 2 trooper.
    And then have someone like Gregor as a legendary?
  • Another question that nobody here knows the answer to.

    I don't get it.
  • If the October - December months will be Episode 9, and March - April is the Dark Side Old Republic event, then there's at least 5 months for other content. This content could range from expanding the Separatist and Old Republic (i.e. ships) to brand new characters.
    However, with Clone Wars Season Seven airing eventually, the Clone (and Galactic Republic) reworks should follow along with it, whenever that launches.
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    Lots to choose from
    Wolfe, Gree, Fox and Bly support with leader ability
    Gregor, Waxer and Jesse attackers
    Kix healer
    Heavy and Tup tanks
  • When they do Delta Squad needs to be added, with a ton of synergy between themselves.
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