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  • Nihion
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    I don't understand who said that this kind of meta is normal. I don't complain on to much powerful, or to weak characters.
    It is a matter of diversity!
    As other users showed, with CLS about 40% of teams were not CLS; fighting in arena was funny. Now with more than 80% of revan teams I am facing only them.
    I am seriously thinking of stopping battle in arena, it is never been so boring...

    I can’t wait for the day when Darth Revan annihilates everything and all of you start pleading for Revan to come back. Trust me, this will be considered a normal meta compared to what’s coming in the future.
  • Debuff wrote: »
    Ive never seen arena this bad.

    This. I've been here since launch. This is, by a significant margin, the least diverse I have ever seen the top 100 in arena (and I've been finishing 1 since May of 2016).

    For those that disagree, find a meta report that shows any team (CLS, Traya, Rex, Danger Zone, Nighsisters, Zaul, Zader, Palp) anywhere near 80%+ usage in the top 100. I'll save you some time; it doesn't exist.

    CG also knows the player base is tired of this meta - that's why they tried to sell everyone the GG debacle.
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    Nikoms I see your point. This meta should stay but only you should be allowed to use Revan squad while others should use something else.
    The days of the past will never come back due to longevity of the game and the fact that most players have pretty much unlocked and 7* everything and it would take maybe a day or two to level needed characters to level 85. Which means that meta diversity is never going to happen unless its hidden behind huge pay wall or raid characters that 5% of player base might be able to unlock.

    I can't even start to understand how somebody with 9000+ posts on these forums can post kind of **** that you are posting and comparing accessibility of Traya and Raven. It easily could happen that 80% of player base having Traya will NEVER happen and therefore she will never reach level of dominance attributed to Revan but that does not mean that she did not have her 8 months in the sun and that she was and still is very dominant.
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