DN 3rd move anihilate in P1 of heroic?!?!?

Last night, we played Heroic, and DN played 3 moves, and it was revive marauders, drain and anihilate.
After last rework that shouldn't happend.
Is there something i have missed?


  • If DN has revive and drain ready to go with annihilate on 1 he will always use annihilate on that 3rd move.

    No idea if that's WAI but I've noticed it too and now at least I can watch out for it.

    Any other combo and he doesn't seem to use annihilate.
  • mali3538
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    After rework few months ago they said 3rd move can't be anihilate, if i can recall, and it haven't happend to me since then till this last....
    Yeah he had anihilate on 1
  • If he revives the adds when there’s still one of them alive, it reduces cooldown of Annihilate by 1. Also, if he uses drain force and any of your team that’s debuffed, that also reduces Annihilate cooldown.

    I have noticed that he never uses Annihilate as 2nd or 3rd move unless he uses one or both of those special moves first.
  • https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/182583/sith-raid-changes

    Just re-read this. It doesn’t claim he won’t use Annihilate as 2nd or 3rd move, just that his basic no longer reduces cooldown of Annihilate.
  • @DarjeloSalas thanks mate.
    Sorry for taking your time, i was 100% certain that anihilate cant be 3rd move.... Dont know why......

  • @mali3538 direct from a HSTR phase 1 run (6.8M) I can confirm that this happened to me as described above.

    Both specials (drain force and feed the void) were on 0 cooldown, Annihilate on 1. He used drain force, feed the void and then annihilate in one turn.
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