Need advice with Houndstooth

Hi there, I'm relatively new at fleet arena and am running a f2p level 73/75 squad with home one, ghost, phantom, biggs, slave, JC, and wedge. I also have tie fighter available but a little less powered. So with this team is there a strategy that works against any team with Houndstooth? Or is there one particular ship that I should farm that would help me? I'm currently farming bistan on the side. Not sure how I'm in a Shard where everyone above me is 85 level with Houndstooth and I'm only level 79. Seems like I'm forever running uphill against opponents who are always gaining faster than me. But I guess that's the game. My ally code is 887-344-419. Thanks for the help!


  • fseixas
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    For you line to be successfull, you have to be able to inflict massive damage. TIE fighter might help with buff imunity, but Hound's dispell on basic can easily counter it.

    As someone that has hound tooth and faces it constantly in arena, I would say the best ships against it are Tie Advanced, Slave one, Ahsoka Tano starfighter and Kylo Ren command shuttle.

    Ahsoka and Kylo are able to remove buffs, but depending on the level of the Hound, it regains taunt if any enemy is breached. Tie Advanced is IMO the best counter, for removing buffs and turn meter while dealing heavy dmg. Slave One's special is also good because it bypass protection. Try to time it with Home One's Masterplan, so you can use it twice.

    Good luck
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