PowerfulDarkside - Active Guild Looking For Active Players for HSTR

PowerfulDarkside is looking for 1-4 players. We are currently at 46/50 right now but are holding out for a few players who can help contribute to HSTR.

We are a casual, yet competitive guild with friendly advice and players from 1M to 3M+ GP. We hope you will check out our discord server https://discord.gg/JkRJRu9 and see for yourself.
Guild Name: PowerfulDarkside https://swgoh.gg/g/9255/powerfuldarkside/
Guild GP: 110M+ Players: 47/50
TB: LS 35 Stars; DS 38 stars
Sith Raid: Tier VI; We have been doing Heroic Sith almost weekly for the last 5-6 weeks with the help of a couple mercs which has allowed us to grow and practice at the Heroic level. We are expecting to have the HSith on farm in the next few weeks.
HPit and Haat every 3-4 days U.S. Central Time, 8pm/7pm respectively
GP: While not strict on GP requirements, the average GP is 2M+. Active well-rounded players looking to grow are more important than GP requirements. We are on track to attack HSTR soon and would love players who can help be part of this goal (i.e. JTR, Raven, and NS teams, etc.)
Requirements (musts):
  1. swgoh.gg account
  2. discord
  3. ~2M GP (depending on HSTR readiness)
  4. Contribute in TB's (TW/Hpit/Haat are optional but encouraged)
  5. Active with 600 dailies (life happens, we don't boot for missing anything as long as there is communication).
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JkRJRu9 Discord is a requirement because of ease of coordination/communication and as it’s more fun for everyone!
Come be part of a fun, but serious, group; leaches need not apply.
For in-game chat, contact:
  • Lars: 985-178-925
  • Scorpion: 781-754-238
Note: to search in-game for guilds, type PowerfulDarkside (one word).
Check out PowerfulDarkside Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
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