No Grand Arena for Me

The option to join the 02/09/2019 Grand Arena never appeared for me. This has happened to several members is our guild in past Grand Arenas. I checked at least a minimum of 3x during the join phase. This is all I’ve seen the entire time.da4h6eudjo7e.png


  • If you know it's active, hard shutdown your app and reenter.
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  • Tried that. Dumped the app and reloaded...Nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • You didn’t click the JOIN button.
  • If you know it's active because your guildmates are telling you it is, but you can't see it (even after force-closing), then you need to reach out to Customer Support at that time.

    Waiting until the day after - when signup is closed - means there's no way to get you into the GA.

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