Mace Windu Rework (3/9 Galactic Republic Reworks)

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Hi! This is my 3/9th rework, I am currently doing my best to rework all of the Galactic Republic Jedi. They would synergize with themselves, along with the clones (whom I want to do reworks for in the future) They would mostly be strong against separatists. Mace Windu is incredibly powerful, using both sides of the force in his combat, along with being strong enough to even defeat Darth Sidious, he's gotta be pretty darn powerful, he should be a plug-and-play character, easily. (but that's easy because right now he sucks lol)

Mace Windu
Light Side, Jedi, Galactic Republic, Tank, Fleet Commander
Aggressive Jedi Tank with devastating damage if left unchecked.

BASIC - Invincible Assault
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If Mace Windu has protection, this attack deals 75% more damage. If Mace Windu has no protection, he gains Critical Hit Immunity and Retribution for two turns. (OMEGA-) Cannot be evaded.
SPECIAL - Smite (Cooldown: 4)
Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Buff Immunity and Ability Block for 2 Turns. If Mace Windu is buffed, all allies are called to assist dealing 30% less damage. Finally, gain Taunt for 3 turns, if dispelled, gain Marked for 2 Turns. (OMEGA-)Cannot be resisted or evaded.
LEADER - Vaapad
Galactic Republic allies gain 10% Offense, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage for each Separatist or Sith enemy. Galactic Republic allies gain 2% Tenacity (stacking) every time they score a Critical Hit. Additionally, every time an ally loses Health, they recover 5% protection and gain 5% Turn Meter. ((ZETA-) Finally, if an ally has no buffs at the end of their turn, they gain retribution for two turns, which cannot be prevented.
UNIQUE - Shatterpoint
At end of each of Mace Windu's turn, a random enemy is inflicted with Expose and Stagger for one turn, which cannot be resisted. (ZETA-) If the Exposed enemy is hit before it expires, all allies are granted Advantage for 1 turn.

Note: In his leadership ability, it states "cannot be prevented." This means that even if a ally has Buff Immunity, they will still gain the Retribution.
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