Guildchat and the customization

Before I get to the point, I´m here for, I have to say thank you guys from CG for that awesome game. I really enjoy the game every day. But I still have some trouble´s I would love to see changed. So first I have a bug that won´t let me sell 2 mods (no they aren´t blocked or used) but for that I will write a ticket for the support, I think they will get this fixed up. Then I have some troubles with the Guild chat. Our Guild is using a Chat room for posting upcoming events and I am the one that posts the upcoming events. So I am not quit excited about them disappearing every 5 day´s maybe you could bring an option in the game where you can choose if the chatroom works like it allready does or you can choose that it saves 50 messages no matter how old the messages are and if the 51 message gets send the oldest message gets deleted to help out there. The next I don´t know if it is allready in the game and we can do it but choose to don´t do it but if not it would be good if the leader could say this chat is visible for goup x,y and z and/but goup y and z can send messages in it group x can not. <3


  • Liath
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    Regarding mods, check your loadouts. You can’t sell a mod that’s in a saved loadout.

    Regarding chat, the in game features will never measure up to a dedicated chat app like discord and you are much better off migrating this kind of thing there.
  • KatherineParker
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    edited February 2019
    Yeah, mod problem is solved I thougt I checked the loadouts but it was in there. I don´t asked for them to make it to discord. Discord saves everything for nearly ever they can´t do something like that because it takes to much memory, and I use discord with my guild but not everyone wants to use Discord. Do I say that I want it to become better then discord, no. But that doesn´t mean that it shouldn´t get better at all.
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