Beyond Omega, 85M looking for people for HSTR
Beyond Omega
GP: 85 Million

Beyond Omega is a European guild, we are in the CET.
As we are very, very close to HSTR, our only objective now is getting it down, and we hope to find up to 3 people that can help us over the edge.
We're not really looking for temporary help.

- Looking mostly for people who are preparing or ready for Heroic Sith raid.
- Active participation in TB, and at least passive participation in TW.
- Prefer if you use and discord, although we also have a facebook group if you want that.
- Follow instructions
- Best if you are from Europe (or Africa) due to time zones, but everyone is welcome.
In exchange we offer:
- Friendly environment
- We aim high, but we don't exhaust our players. I only request maximum effort when it makes a difference.
- Personalized assistance with farming and mods if you wish.
- We have farming lists to prepare for Heroic Sith Raid
- Very stable guild.

If you are interested, contact me through PM or Discord,

My discord ID is Vohbo#3122
Ally code 384 318 252
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