Update on the Finn/Threepio Raid Interaction: Resulting Finn Modifications [MEGA]


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    I can't figure out why they would change his lead instead of the raid...

    Edit: Bah, never mind. I figured it out but no sense in stirring the pot. Disappointed.
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  • Huge nerf. Rework was totally uncalled for, give tm or tenacity on hit to toppled traya and call it a day. where did this come from?

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  • Wiggensbog wrote: »

    Except against revan who is the only team that matters in the arena. Good luck landing that -25% on any enemy units in a revan team lol.

    I mean.. resistance get +60% potency from the leader ability. That's amazing on its own.
    And idk why you'd be using finn in arena anyway

    To beat Revan as one of only 2 hard counters , but hey why use him right? Smh
  • If it was a minor change, then I wouldn’t be mad. Instead they made Finn completely different and now they won’t refund the zeta because it isn’t their fault that C-3PO created a loop in the raid. What is the next 100% working as intended character are they going to change next so I can be sure not to zeta them?
  • This appears to be a genuine attempt to rebalance but I think it's going to be the death of zFinn & a zeta refund is warranted.

    Finn looks more useful as a tank support to a JTR team than a leader now. JTR, BB, C3PO, RTrooper, Finn may end up being a thing. Finn can takedown every turn stacking the damage boost and assist attack calls will continuously boost his basic damage. Being a tank his base damage will likely suck but mod him right and this in itself may end up like Yolo in HAAT.

    I currently use zFinn, Poe, RTrooper, +2 resistance as a secondary attacking team in TW & GA. It's sub-par vs most top tier teams but attacked well vs mid range teams. Since JTR is a better lead, my zFinn team was always made up of leftover Resistance characters like the Resistance pilot. This change will break their ability to take down teams they previously used to dominate and sideline characters I'm currently using.

    @CG_TopHat The updated zFinn lead implies that the Resistance TM gain only happens if the expose is triggered by a resistance member. If the old zFinn kit was kept but modified to only boost resistance TM if a resistance member triggered the expose damage, wouldn't that solve the infinite TM loop issues caused by Rebel exposes while keeping most of the zFinn vanilla functions untouched? Yes, it would be a nerf so you could boost the lead some other way like the % bonuses to resistance but it would be a much softer approach than the current complete revamp?
  • So since Finn/3PO teams are useless in P3 now, does this mean we are back to the “enter and restart the game 20 times until you get the RNG you need to get a good score” version of gameplay?

    Wow, sounds like CG really knows how to create a fun gameplay experience huh. 🙄
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    Excellent kit....I'm loving it...makes him much more viable in more areas of the game
  • ''we have no intention of refunding the zeta associated with him''

    Are you serious CG?Really?

    Oh you are.


    Well,there goes the neighbourhood
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    This is one of the worst PvP change ever. Basically reducing and restricting the lead from Finn.

    I honestly don’t see how Finn Poe RT RP Holdo can take on KRU or Traya as it is as of now. You just nerfed one of the most fun team. Give 20 % TM gain for Poe whenever an enemy is exposed as well. And RP and Holdo.
  • I think asking for a zeta refund is completely reasonable.. whether they believe the new kit is better than the old kit pre 3po or not it is still a completely different kit from the kit I choose to zeta eons ago. The old kit was still useful to me in TW and TB. Even before 3po. The new one is not. It's useless to me
  • thumbs down. totally uncalled for rework of one of the best leader abilities in the game.
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  • @CG_TopHat thanks for ruining Finn in every aspect of the game. Yet again, you guys took a very easy problem to fix, and completely over complicated it. The only difference is that you took a couple months to do it rather than rush out the broken “fix”. As a result now his kit is completely different, no longer serves the purpose he was used for either in TW, TB, or PVP and you dare to tell us you won’t return the zeta we spent?
    Bold strategy Cotton! Let’s see if this works out! My guess is that it won’t and you’ll lose a lot of long time spenders going F2P because of ANOTHER major mistske. Let someone else make the decisions when it comes to this. You guys aren’t very good at it.
  • I think if the developers want to change a character, then it's their prerogative (even if in this case, changing the raid boss sounds like the most efficient way, rather than completely changing a good character that has been used for years)...
    This said, it is also only fair to refund everyone who put a zeta on Finn (and gear maybe).

    This last line of "Zetas will not be refunded" is what is angering everyone. To a lesser extent, the character change in particular.
    You shouldn't treat your costumers that way. This only hurts your business.

    Please reconsider (if not this character change), at least the zeta investment. It's not worth angering 90% of your player base over this very minor issue, now, is it? It will cost you nothing to do so. But it will cost you a lot if you don't, I think.
  • This rework will make many fin teams, that depended on the tm gain, unusable now. Time will show how to use the new fin now.

    The only problem I see is, that you change fins leadership so drastically, that it is unlikely that we can use him as we were used to do. So what is the problem to just refund a zeta to a community that is known to be very toxic on drastic (or should I say any) changes. If this zeta turns out to be super effective, they will spend it on fin again, if not, do you really care? For the sake of a less toxic communication, just give the community a hand, refund the zeta and let them decide whether it’s a good rework or not.

    I wouldn’t be happy either if I would buy a car and after three years the salesman comes back, picks up my car and just refunds me with a motorcycle. Both might be useful, but I liked my car. So please give my money back and let me decide if I want to buy your motorcycle.
  • Never using Finn as a leader again anymore. I’d like my Zeta mats back please.
  • Zfinn was the #4 leader in the arena, and I think his use was under reported in the meta reports... I used him In arena to climb, then switched to revan for defense. This new ability he has seems odd, he taunts and detrimination for 2 turns, and if in those two turns that he is taunting another ally drops below 50% he taunts?...

    I used zfinn in arena and GA and TW as my counter to Revan... I do not care about GK lead jedi. I do not even see him as useful as leader as he was pre C3PO. IMO zeta refunds are the least the devs could do.

    He may be viable In raids under a JTR lead... But not as a leader... The tm removal mechanic could only be useful in P1 and p3 of the tank raid.

    I think. It's obvious what happened here.... Zfinn could reduce the upcoming GG meta to scrap metal, so they fixed it.
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    "We look forward to your feedback on this proposed change."

    Why? does our Feedback Change something? You will - as Always ignore it, turn it the other way around and use it to tell us you did what the community wanted even though it is the opposit of what we asked for.

    Why can't you just go the easy way of Fixing what really is the Problem. That stupid raid is causing issues everytime a new char Comes to the game.
    Make your changes to Traya to Prevent loops instead of destroying Chars that have been build up with time and Money.
    I used Finn in different parts of the game and the most important for me is to survive in an arena with an annoying Revan meta which basicly has no counter Team (anymore now).

    Everytime you fix something you messed up before this game is more frustrating and less fun. Keep going. You almost reached your (obious) Goal to make me quit.
  • What a joke. The sad thing is that every dev who is on this team is just laughing at people who care about this game because they know that the only thing they are slaving for is to put money in EA/CGs pocket. This nerf is a joke and the only things it actually effects are arena and raids.... The only stuff that matters in terms of F2P players getting rewards.
  • The crazy thing is how the devs didn't bother testing the most obvious team for causing mass exposes with the golden droid. It's absolutely mind-blowing how little thought is actually put into this before the community has to make the very obvious corrections.
  • Auto it likly not.... P2 tank is immune to tm Removal.... He does ramp up damage, on manual you might be able to raise his damage enough....
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    Can you still stack the bonus for multiple expose? @CG_TopHat
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  • Disgusting. It all leads back to the terrible design of the sith raid. One of the worst raids I've seen in my life. What an awful thing to do.
  • Unpopular opinion, but there should be no zeta refund. If you used this team to place higher in hSTR or solo hAAT, you already used its benefits. There are plenty of zetas that became next to useless over time. This is just another one of them. It had its prime, being one of the best zetas for over 2 years.
    It was announced months ago that it was going to be changed and it was obvious that the change would not affect only the hSTR.
    I personally never found p3 of hSTR or solo hAAT an exploit, the arena infinite loop begged for a change though. Good that it's gone.
  • ZFinn was everyone's easy answer to galactic war when it was extremely difficult.
    Many of us have Finn's zeta for that reason, or for HAAT, or some new folks for Revan and Traya counters, along with being the Mod-lovers' cure all in territory war, territory battles, and newly grand arena.

    This is why I am upset the most; My entire Finn squad mods will need to be replaced, because pure potency sets won't be the answer any longer. Pure potency sets with no speed but massive potency hits were still viable, but now offense and critical hits will need to be considered, devaluing a ton of cantina currency invested that could be several 7* toons. Why?

    Yes, the kit looks promising in a different 5 man squad makeup, but I along with others feel upset. I'm a little sick to my stomach over potentially losing an incredibly valuable tool in my arsenal that I still have right now. This isn't just about Finn, but his entire 'best' territory war team has most likely shifted, many of us needing to gear new toons. This means we also lose countless ability mats, gear, and mods...the mods...ouch ouch OUCH, just to keep close to what we had, which likely will no longer defeat several squads it did before.

    Ships 2.0 all over again? No way, Finn is global in usefulness in every game mode, you just can't get away with this kind of change without hearing from your customers about it. He has had his zeta footprint forever, and his squad was unique in how it operated, needing a highly focused mod set to be absolutely stunning. All that is going to completely change.

    Please don't carry out this overly complicated, poorly designed rework unless you refund the zeta at least, because how much did all 30 mods cost me for his team because of that leadership? A whole lot more. No other leadership needs those potency offense mods, they need five hits of speed instead. In a perfect world you'd realize we all need 30-100k crystals to get even close to replacing all the mods and gear we will need to. I really hope on Monday a decision-maker reads this, says 'oops how silly of me', and scraps this tripe and instead implements a simple addition to the sith raid:

    Phase 3
    Traya gains 1% stacking tenacity each time she is hit.


    Your mileage may vary.
  • Simpler better solutions:

    1. Just ban Finn from phase 2 and 3 of the raid.
    2. Stacking tenacity on traya (could even limit this to 'when attacked by a resistance enemy)
    3. Reduce TM gained by Finn lead against raid bosses.

    I don't even have the zeta but think it's ludicrous not to offer the refund to people. It was probably not a good move for people to put the zeta on him just for HSTR, but even those people should be excused for thinking the zeta would still be the same outside the raid. For everyone else you are making a material change to a significant investment.
  • Also, yellow is a horrible color for subject headers for those of us reading the forums on mobiles
  • You killed his leadership in my opinion. The only reason you would waste a zeta on him is the turn meter boost, which is extremely nerfed. Please refund my zeta as his leadership is no longer worth a zeta. His over all character may be better, but his leadership is much much worse. Thanks for wasting that zeta for me.

  • why break a character because of an infinite loop. This is exiting on the other raids and there has been no rework. This nfinite loop is not easy to obtain. it was enough to make traya a little more resistant to exposure to solve the problem. And why should we spend hours on this phase and repeat the same actions a hundred times? it's boring and a waste of time. Finn and C3po solved this problem.
    I'm fed up with your mistakes and your mismanagement of this game.
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