Update on the Finn/Threepio Raid Interaction: Resulting Finn Modifications [MEGA]


  • JacenRoe wrote: »
    Dear holotabe heroes,

    We messed up when we released C3PO...To repair this issue caused by our incompetence, we intend to totally destroy Finn. We don't care about any of you, or what you think about that.

    This dude nailed it.

    And I love the way they let these threads run..."just let the **** rant and rave...they'll still keep playing and paying, we know that...we can do anything as long as we let them beat their chests and we give the appearance of some sort of dialogue, ha ha!"

  • The kit looks very interesting. He'll be a beast in raids, but his utility in GA and TW will undoubtedly diminish. Raids are more important when it comes to rewards though, especially the sith raid, so I welcome the change. That said, I will miss his old zeta a lot, as it was a unique and super fun way of playing.
  • MeervalMan wrote: »
    My guild finally beat hstr 3 weeks ago and now this... thanks for nothing CG.

    They said they were gonna stop this team working in p3, I can see why others are mad about it, but they literally said they would stop the infinite loop in p3.
  • Nuked_ogre wrote: »
    @CG_TopHat @CG_Carrie I have been playing since Christmas Day 2015, I have not agreed with everything that has been modified since launch but have been happy with the games progression overall, but I think you fail to realize what you have done. Nobody cares about the HSTR loop, we expected and wanted it removed, as a whole, as it is the current endgame content. But you have really done 3 egregious actions which affect quite a lot.

    1) You removed the ability to solo the HAAT specifically after CG _ Tophat claimed this would stay intact.

    2) You removed one of the only viable teams to defeat Revan and Traya (Especially in TW and GA). Considering this team required Zfinn and another legendary toon C3PO this should not have been changed.

    3) The most important error, is the refusal to refund the zeta mats. This is no small nerf, nor a zeta becoming obsolete from the game advancing. This is a fundamental change in the ability some players saved up months of zetas for.

    As a long standing player of this game, I thought it was important to detail exactly what the issues are with the change. I have recommendations as well that would satisfy the community at large while keeping the fair play standards of the game intact if you are interested.

    I bet soloing the haat will still be possible on auto
  • Please refund zeta.
  • Neo2551
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    The wording should be as following:

    Whenever an ally damages an exposed enemy, all resistance ally gain 3.5% TM gain per resistance ally and expose debuff on the damaged enemy (double if the ally is resistance). Bonus is halved against toppled enemy.

    You would de facto stop the raid loop, but keep arena viability for full resistance team. It also keep multiple expose bonuses and somewhat nerf non resistance synergy.

    In the new version, What happens if stacked exposes enemy, do they trigger several TM bonus gain? @CG_TopHat
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  • in short.. ok for sith raid...

    1)is still abel to solo HAAT?

    2) you changed Z, so Z have to be refunded

  • So, by now you've probably read the Finn reowrk, and have your own opinion on it. Personally? Eh. Everything else is good but the Zeta... It feels like a forced compromise.
    Now, on the current topic: the last time that a rework related to the Sith Raid was made (Zombie), we were given n option to refund a then-necessary Zeta (Daka) that made the team loop-able if we no longer saw value in that Zeta. Now, my question is: will we get that same option for Finn? I'm sure a lot of people are upset with this change, and that they'd love to have that option so they can use their Zeta for someone else, much like with Daka. I think it'd be a wise move to do so.
    Second point: Poe Dameron. He's useless. The only reason you put him in the Zeta Finn team was the exposes and turn meter reduction on his special. Now, with the Finn Rework, that turn mater reduction is not as useful as it once was, so now Poe will only be used for the mass exposes. When will Poe get his rework that makes him viable? His leadership? Useless compared to JTR/Zfinn. His basic? Bad. I've already discussed the special. His unique? Again, the only reason he was used in a Zeta Finn team - now pretty bad also. It wouldn't go too far to have Poe get a rework that makes him useable outside the Zeta Finn team.
  • 1. You could have changed boss Traya by making her immune to expose or have her gain tenacity even when toppled. Easy solution.
    2. You completely destroyed Finn for all game modes, raids and pvp. He’s garbage.
    3. No one likes raids and we prefer to auto so we’ll finish them without doing them. At least give us all the option to sim them. They’re a waste of our time! At least Haat stopped being a chore because of the Finn team (before you nerfed him) but now it will become a chore again. This game takes so much of our time, stop taking out solutions that help us spend less time there!
    4. You can’t change a zeta and not give a refund. You think anyone cares about what you added to his zeta? No! It was all about TM gain and now he’s ruined so refund the zeta! And some of us had that zeta and enjoyed using it ever since it became available.
  • jtcirbwydr2y.jpg
    @CG_TopHat so is the Finn team still able to solo the hAAT?

    No, not P1, as CG said: 'Internal testing still has him performing as a top tier performer in the AAT (Phases 2, 3, and 4)'
    They nerfed him specially for the HAAT
  • Tarah wrote: »

    2) you changed Z, so Z have to be refunded

    Do you wish to "refund" the earned Traya shards and gear for placing higher in raids because of that "Z"?
  • zFinn/Threepio was one of the very best counter to Revan, being especially useful in TW and GA in addition to Arena. And then, they mess it up buyt claim "he's still be fine in PvP so we don't plan to refund it".

    Yeah, sure, way to lie to our face with a huge grin and pretend everything's fine.
  • Wiggensbog wrote: »
    guys.. please read the rework carefully.
    +3% TM for each resistance ally (total = +15%)
    -5% on enemy for each resistance on your team (total = -25%)
    that's a 40% tm swing on top of poe's TM removal.

    And THEN there is stacking damage?! This is such a buff!

    I'm sorry but you're really clueless here. The ENTIRE team was getting 35% TM before, that is 175% total, you want to compare that to a measly 3% x 5 = 15%?? LMAO, not.

    Turn meter is even more important than speed, and everyone knows how important that is. This is a horrendous nerf to the Zeta for ANY part of the game

  • Refund please, Zeta got a huge Nerf. Is Leadership is useless now
  • That new p3 sith solo without Finn though
  • That new p3 sith solo without Finn though

  • Glad that we never see cheap zfinn c3po again in our top 100 arena.

  • That new p3 sith solo without Finn though


  • Donˋt Touch Finn find another way to nerf the Sithraid P3. You donˋt learnining from the Sisters nerf.
  • Neo2551
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    I think the following wording and effect would have made everyone happier

    Whenever an ally damages an exposed enemy, all resistance ally gain 3.5% TM gain per resistance ally and expose debuff on the damaged enemy (double if the ally is resistance). Bonus is halved against toppled enemy.

    Why it is better: it keeps full resistance synergy while removing the raid loop. It reduce undesired synergy with non resistance allies, and it keeps everyone happy about PvP performance for full resistance teams.
  • The sith raid is the most tedious thing about this game and getting to the point you can farm traya is frankly painful. The way this worked was a positive thing for the game and I just think you've unbalanced the game even further by effectively saying to those that don't have traya that they can just continue being the poor half of the community by making it even harder. Those that have her aren't anywhere nearly as badly affected by this change. I'm bored already
  • Hey. Everyone
    We decided to fix the broken raid this time. Instead of making any changes to Finn.
  • zFinn is useless now because of a CG-decision, so it should be logical to refund that zeta. No more, no less...
  • Nerfing characters and they still have no idea how their own raid works. They gonna nerf cls? Or will it be 3po? How long until the next character comes along that allows it? My guess is not very. Why change a beloved kit when it’s not going to solve the problem.
  • They already answered: finn's zeta won't be refunded.
  • I don’t know why everyone is upset. Sure, the new kit is significantly weaker for PvP and the sith raid, but it is now a top performer for the Rancor raid. It seems to be a fair trade off.
  • jtcirbwydr2y.jpg
    Just posting to urge a little caution with your pitch forks and torches people.

    Note the word “only” in the sentence about not changing it for the HAAT.

    That word “only” means that they did not guarantee the Tank would become unsoloable when they made the changes. Just that they wouldn’t change things solely for that reason.

    I’m not defending what they’ve done - just pointing out that they didn’t technically go back on their word.

  • Droideka wrote: »
    I don’t know why everyone is upset. Sure, the new kit is significantly weaker for PvP and the sith raid, but it is now a top performer for the Rancor raid. It seems to be a fair trade off.

    Are you serious? The rancor-raid has the worth of one click on a 'sim-button'...
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