Update on the Finn/Threepio Raid Interaction: Resulting Finn Modifications [MEGA]


  • I just did 7.5 million damage with my z Finn Poe pilot trooper bb8 team in HAAT p2
  • Yes, this rework is very interesting. I never wanted to have zeta on Finn couse for me this expose mechanic was very silly. Why? Simple. I go against Finn team with c3po, and this team is fast, shooting all around, many turns, and I wait, one missed shot and train stops. And than is my turn and Finn team is dead very fast. They dont take second round of expose train at all. This rework gives them a lot of survivability.
    I like it.
  • BTW... again these kind of news on Friday???

    Please confirm the tenacity/potency mechanic for the TM reduction and WHEN this will be applied
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    Since you're fixing things, how about fixing the broken Millennium Falcon/Rebel in fleet?

    On topic, wrong thing to change, Traya should have been the recipient of the nerf, or 3PO, not the guy who was working as intended
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  • I just did 7.5 million damage with my z Finn Poe pilot trooper bb8 team in HAAT p2

    The "fix"/nerf isn't live yet.
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    Finn was my second zeta and helped me climb to #1 a few times in arena. Unfortunately his kit is gutted. It’s a little disappointing to say the least but I respect the decision. No point in everyone complaining and demanding refunds on zetas
    If we say nothing, we aren't getting the zeta back. Even if you agree with the change, his kit is different enough to warrant the refund.

    I don’t agree with the change at all. I have just learned to accept it. If they refund then that’s great but if they don’t so be it
  • This is the main bit that has bugged me:

    I literally geared up finn 1-11 and a zeta hours after that, and later on g12. This was all before the videos started coming up on p3 of the sith raid.
  • I don't know, seems like he's been reworked for the better. I don't know good their internal testing is (history would tell us it's not good) but using Finn poe RT on offence has always been a bit of RNG fest, with how many expose land from poe taunt usually deciding the battle, hopefully now hell be able to hit above his weight and the first time the opponent takes a turn it's not game over. Like is the current case now
  • If I buy a Ferrari and a year later the dealer shows up and says sorry but that engine works too good so we put a mini van engine in there. Would you be surprised that I told the dealer I want a refund. Can I device the crystal price wasn’t working properly and take back half my money. Does 1+1=26.829
    I feel like you guys have trouble seeing obvious stuff. I’ll vote with my wallet as money seems to make you guys pay attention. I’m not spending another dollar unless you guys stop with the old bait and switch. I was hoping you were turning the game around, 360 degrees is the same direction. Please stop driving off the player base we like the game and want it to be here in a couple years.
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  • Does it say when this is taking effect?
  • Is it a proposed change or actual change coming. Is there still opportunity for this to be evolved further?

    The final paragraph about feedback for the "proposed changes" is confusing after describing everything that you've done
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    I'm glad for a few things...
    1)They didn't change 3po
    2) I can go back to using NS in phase 3 (its fun)
    3)the team I normally solo haat with doesn't use finn (I use jtr lead) but now Finn might make the team. New things to try.
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    Does it say when this is taking effect?

    Within 2 weeks they said they wanted to
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  • It’s hard to tell until we actually have the rework in,our accounts. I’d have to say arena viability is down the drain, but of course I don’t know,
    Tag me if you reply to my comment so I know I should answer you!😀 My roster: https://swgoh.gg/p/842694912/
  • I don’t like this change 👎
    And I also don’t understand why you won’t refund his zeta.
  • I think its ridiculous to make such drastic changes to the whole kit and not refund the zeta. We are asking for all the gear whatever. The zeta is what matters, I only zetad him forever ago just cause of the finn, poe and Rt combo for pvp and that is ruined now
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    haha woops, I guess my last comment was a little too much, oh well, I can't believe they changed Finn instead of just giving Traya stacking tenacity when she's down. Such a simple fix that we wanted.
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    Why no zeta refund? I don't run my Finn in a full resistance lineup. I don't want to run a zFinn team in a full resistance line. I just need Finn, Poe, RT, and two others of my choice

    This zeta sucks
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