The Ultimate new Raid idea, for toons & ships!!!

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So we often see people complaining about ships, a stale game mode, boring, worst mode etc

After seeing the Grand Arena for toons, which I think is fantastic and my fav game mode like it is for many others (and NOT just because it is new, because it is just so much more interesting and fun than something like Squad Arena, there is tension here in spades trying to out-think double guess etc what opponent will do), it got me thinking what can they do to make ships more interesting, well, here it is the ultimate fix!!!


P1 - A ground war (toons) in Docking Bay 94 to fight off storm troopers & escape in the MilFalcon!

P2 - Fight off hoards of Empire ships (ships) to gain access to the mighty Death Star!

P3 - Go inside the Death Star (toons) to rescue Leia and disable the Tractor Beam!

P4 - Make the famous run (ships) down the Death Star trench after a fight with some ships and try to fire the perfect shot b4 time runs out! (or other ships kill you)

IDK - I don't think I've seen anything like this suggested before, yet it seems like an ultimate raid idea. The one tricky part here would be designing the trench run of P4 for sure, it might be outside the capabilities of the game but I don't think so, it would just be a LOT of work for developers I'm sure because it is so different than anything else in the game, but talk about a "draw" for the game, new folks will want in on this. P1 to P3 is pretty standard fare for what we have already, PvE stuff like other Raids.

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