Daily Guild Ticket Challenge

I'm interested in hearing if there is community support to add a daily challenge to collect 450 guild tickets with a reward of 50 guild tokens? I think it would be greatly beneficial, and help new players focus on the team play aspect. This challenge would only be active if the player is part of a guild. I do not think this change would be game breaking, but I do think it would provide the proper motivation and incentive to participate more fully.


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    I think that's a great idea. Might encourage players who are a bit lax on getting their tickets.
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    I think it is an interesting idea,. I would only state that maybe have it variable by the guild, since it is a guild participation reward. Maybe some guilds give it at 400, some at 500, some 450, Nut nothing below 400 allowed.
    That way everyone can still enjoy their various play styles.
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