List TW attackers for Guild Officers

We have been having a problem with certain members of our guild turn-meter loading enemy teams in TW. We have repeatedly announced ways to avoid doing this and it keeps happening. We cant see who is doing it unless we happen to look at the teams while the person is battling. Please let guild officers see who attacked an enemy team in TW so that we can address problems like these.


  • I agree, we have same problem. This controlling mechanism will be so much helpfull.
  • Valariel
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    Bump. This is still a big problem. 5 months and nothing done.
  • CCyrilS
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    Valariel wrote: »
    Bump. This is still a big problem. 5 months and nothing done.

    It's your guild. You figure it out.

    Remember, it goes both ways: when the opponents preload your TM, it helps you.
  • I guess I’m fortunate to be leader of a guild where members will own up and take responsibility when they do something that could jeopardize the outcome of an event. Aside from requiring all of my members to at least register for every raid and/or event, I request that they be the bigger person, admit when they messed up and send an blast to that includes the zone and squad as a means of preventing a fellow member from unknowingly encountering a turn meter freight train from hell.
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  • While it's far from a perfect system, you can always rely on "rogue action tracking" to identify the information you're looking for.

    Lock down all of your opponent's zones to "prohibit", and require your guild members to commit a rogue action if they are going to attack. This will record every offensive attempt that is made. Got a player with 9 rogue actions and 0 offensive banners? That's likely your culprit.

    (side note: in order for this strategy to be effective, you're going to need a strong, engaged officer core to update the map and communicate to your guild what your offensive strategy/focus is going to be.)
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