DRIVEN - 140M independent guild is recruiting active players ready for the next level

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DRIVEN - 140m GP US-based Guild looking for active and social players to contribute and help drive to the next level.
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About us:
* Currently ~49 players
* Average player GP 2.7M
* Guild reset at 6:30pm Pacific US (02:30 GMT)
* HPIT/HAAT/HSTR (24 hour join period, runs every 2-3 days, 6:30pm Pacific)
* No damage limits
* Territory Wars: 78 wins, 6 losses
* Territory Battles: 14* DS Geo (Not currently running Hoth 38* LS, 40* DS)
- Working on Separatists/Galactic Republic preferred, but we won't tell you what to farm
* Very organized leadership ready to help anyone in the guild who wants to learn and grow
* Good mix of casual and "more competitive" players with a friendly guild chat. Hopefully you will join in the conversation and help keep things positive. No drama.
* Using Discord is preferred, but not required

* Active daily players who want to work together. We define "Active" as:
- At least one log in every 24 hours
- Hit the Join button on raids to earn free swag (damage optional)
- TB: At least deploy characters and follow guild's instructions
* Let us know when/why you will be inactive or on vacation (life happens - we get it)
* 2M+ GP current roster preferred
* Have JKR and/or DR on roster, or have Old Republic teams in progress for next event

Contact to Join or ask questions:
(Discord: kurtisblow#8684)
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