Can I get 3p0 at 7* with this squad?

No logray. Decent gear levels.
I will have Paploo and Wicket at 7* by the event. I have a zChirpa.


  • You should be fine with a lot of attempts, arena mods for sure but if you can i would take them all to g11 just to be safe, they're good for TW so wouldn't be a waste
  • Did they announce the event or are you just speculating its coming?
  • hardly doable without insane good rng
    i personally had scout,elder at g11 rest few pieces from it but 3 zeta on team and a lot of attemts
  • Did they announce the event or are you just speculating its coming?

    speculation. Its based on timing of previous events, but its still speculation
  • I'd say with that group, gear them up more. I think you'll want everyone at least g11. It seems like without Logray, will need higher gear and more rng on your side.

    My guess is 3PO will be back mid-march, maybe earlier. But the GMY event has me worried it'll take a while as it just came back this week after being away for 113 days. Emperor did come back after only 77 days. So we'll have to wait and see. It's been 70 days so would be awesome if it followed the Emperor schedule and came back next week right at the end of February.
  • I’m guessing Thrawn will return before 3P0 since it’s been even longer for him.... and he ain’t even on the events table yet so don’t hold your breath for 3P0 next week
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    it's in French (sorry). but you will catch the content
    I am tracking the average time between event occurences. It can come back in march (3 months) or in April (4 months)
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