Ideas for future updates.

Amzing Game, no complaints here. Love the graphics and gameplay, upgrades etc...Maybe add a chat and guilds in future updates would be amazing. Also co up would be cool. Exited to see more event's and furure updates..


  • i missing a battle with all my avaible heros..
    galaxtic war is only step by step to use 5 heros..

    Battle Rating must be updating..
    i have most of time +2000 br and loose for 1 lower skill lvl hero(s)..

    auto attacks has badly targets i find that could be better
  • Definitely add yoda.
  • I'd like to see a different ranking system used for pvp. The timer can be a nightmare at higher levels, if you come up against a particularly defensive team, beating the clock can be difficult.
    A score system instead of simply jumping up ranks could remove the need for the timer...perhaps increase the amount of pvp battles you can do in a day if you were to change to that though.
    The game looks and plays great. The only other thing is I run out of things to do. Unlock more of those extra activities please :)
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