[MEGA] General Grievous’ Leadership and Damage Clarifications


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    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • At least I stopped before gearing up Magnatard? Is that my silver lining?
    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • I’m pretty sure GG couldn’t beat Nest.
    Not a team with Nest on it. I mean just Nest.
    Hmmmm....only if you could ramp up GG’s max health high enough before time runs out. Good luck with that.
    Participation trophy? No. You want something: earn it.
  • Thank you for all of these post, I need them for when I ask for a R******. Learned my lesson, don’t waste money on new characters anymore because it’s not a guarantee
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    I see many people complaining for misleading videos and information about Separatists reworks. But lets not forget what happen with GMY rework and how many people hurry up and put the zeta lead on him right before Bastila release, or the release of Jango and how most of the youtubers say that he will be the Traya killer (or the release of Chewbacca right before the most important Revan reveal). Many people talk about how this GG rework was hyped and it is a trap, but lets not forget who over hype us all (AhnaldT101)... I love AhnaldT101 and his videos. His judgement over the years about new toons was really fair and good (and every time when new toon comes out he always talk about how we need to take the videos with grain of salt because it is purely a CG dev. video and we should wait for the test accounts to see if this is a true or not), but this time he was really blinded about GG rework (because he truly love the Separatists and he wanted them to be a Revan killer so badly that most of the times he forgot to be a truly objective and take the videos from CG with a grain of salt).

    I will leave one of his videos here as a reference, and for me this was THE video that over hype me about this Separatists rework and i start to gear them up.

    (you should watch the whole video again if you don't remember it)


    PS: This is purely my opinion and you should take it with a grain of salt ;)

    Please don't delete your channel AhnaldT101 :smiley:


    In the conclusion for all of this: We should NEVER EVER get hyped about something before it get fully tested from the Community or people in the Game Changer program.
    I hope that in the near future someone will be able to figure how to beat Revan with the new GG team, so we need to more patient until it happens.
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  • I want my crystals and my gear back! In your videos you defeated revan easily. You tricked us! Shame on you!
  • ctyc123 wrote: »
    All the people hopping on the Grevious bandwagon. You guys should have waited for forums to check arena viability

    Blimey, you're brave
  • @CHFC22 The rework sucks and I just read through pages of rage posts and was depressed, but you comment made me chuckle. Thank you for a good ending to my night.
  • I guess if you polish a crap you still have a piece of crap.
  • We got poked in the bumhole
    I am the jedi dog battle droid C-3PO could not kill.
  • The arena has long been meaningless. A team of 80,000 troops can level off with a team of 60,000. This is a joke. The other party can resurrect infinitely because of a night sister zombie. (Deliberately ?) So you can't win! The general who did not move for three years changed it to see the modified things. It seemed to be insincere. Instead of using physical value instead of physical damage, if life is 100%, what is the damage? I am afraid that only low intelligence will come out? Can only say that this company is really bad, those game plans should have left! Changed only the money trade, no game fun!
  • Not a single mention of what the percentage of the max health the damage was based off of. It’s not unreasonable to think it was all of his max health since, you know, it never said otherwise. But hey, what do I know?
    Another fabulous win Devs!
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    [...]We have also seen reports that General Grievous’ Leadership, Daunting Presence, is not decreasing the enemy team’s armor but (...) many characters, such as B1, already have enough defensive penetration naturally to overcome the damage mitigation from armor without any assistance.
    So you're admitting that B1 doesn't benefit at all from it, right ? Meaning that a team that should have a pretty optimized synergy actually does have wasted skills effects ?
  • Metalloid Monstrosity shouldn't be taking out B1 ir doenst make any sense... Also it says that it can defeat characters
  • I want a gear, what I gave to droids, back too. Really THANKS for false advertising.
  • could write much, but i‘m only sad and frustrated!
  • To all these people hating grievous so much because you expected him to be instant meta, i think we should not forget that this is a rework that is coming to stay, for now we only have 5 separatist droids, including myself xD, and there are many more options that can be added and make this team even better, I've seen footage of the actual team beating revan teams consistently, even if they cant hold on defense, which i think could be fixed by just giving B1 the hability to dispel the marked whenever he loses any stack of batallion, which would make it pointless to focus him on the beggining. If B1 is not under direct focus from revan this team could make a lot of trouble even on defense, but we have to wait and gear them all up. But i dont think it deserves to expend money on leveling and gearing this 2 characters for now.

    But on thing is clear and I think it is that the separatist are here to stay and become a viable team with lots of expectations for the future of this game.

    We have to give CG the credit for making a really intelligent rework, characters that are not even closely based on speed secondaries to be used on its maximum potencial, and great looking characters and mechanics.

    And to those that are complaining about the video footage, i think you have been fooling youselves with that, I think it was pretty clear watching that footage that most of the times you were losing 2 or even 3 droids during the battle, and the grievous damage was going up because of that, and it was pretty clear that focusing B1 would make it pretty easy to beat this team, if you didn't want to see that cause you were too excited to think that this would be a new unbeatable meta from day 1, then i have to say my friends "You are doomed"
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