Grievous feedback: Why lore-based builds are not perfect

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First impressions after several hours of testing:

The general grievous kit from a conceptual point of view is fun to think about and very appropriate. I won't dive into why because anyone who knows who Grievous is can understand what the Devs were going for here.

The trouble is... that appears to be ALL the devs were going for. The kit does nothing for player experience. He is not a fun character and he is not bringing anything USEFUL to the table.

Why? A character that hurts his own team is a liability.

A character who is limited by who he synergizes with is part of the game (IE: leadership abilities and faction-based uniques), but a character who PUNISHES a player for ignoring that synergy (IE: double damage from grievous unique for light side droids. Zero viability without any droids) is just bad.

CG, I understand there is a bottom line, but please don't pigeon-hole your player-base into a situation where they must buy marquee characters to even obtain SLIGHT viability. Please don't force players to buy characters if they want to experience the novelty of a reworked character's kit.

And I should note - with as much incredulity as I can cram onto this page - that I just typed "REWORK."

I quite genuinely do not understand how this happened.

It's fine to introduce new and novel mechanics with new characters. People who want to experience that right away will buy them. I sure have. CG profits. The game keep churning out great content. No one reasonable can be bitter about that.

But all the community wanted for grievous, a character who many of us worked towards long before the game was as successful as it has become, was viability. Instead, what we got was novelty mechanics that (I reiterate) PUNISH a player for building the team they want?

To be frank, CG got its big cash grab in Jedi Revan and will again with the dark side KOTOR releases. The community was begging for something new that they specifically wanted and CG, which is running a business, decided to deliver... for a price. That's fine. That's business.

***** But the grievous rework was not a "deal." ***** Devs, YOU MESSED UP with him. One of the most difficult-to-obtain characters in the game was useless and needed serious fixing.

This rework wasn't a cash grab opportunity. It wasn't even a favor. It was supposed to be an apology.

It wasn't.


  • I totally agree. Let’s start a petition to rerework Grievous. A character that does the opposing team’s job should not be in the game. I am thoroughly disappointed with the devs with this “rework.”
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