Grievous in Sith Part 3

I'm just wondering how viable Grievous will be for Part 3 Sith Raid.

I'm thinking:

General Grievous
General Kenobi
Visas Marr

Mod all for Health.
Keep Speed low for R2 and T3 to prevent them killing themselves and so that Grievous gets as many counters as possible.
Mod visas fast to keep team alive.

Stall for as many turns as you can keep everyone alive with visas and kenobi before Traya enrages.
During this time, T3/R2 do loads of damage to themselves, T3 builds up his turns to give crit chance up to Grievous. Grievous skitters a few times.
Visas, being much faster is able to heal, keeping the team alive.

Kenobi gives Grievous Retribution.
Grievous pops Stand Alone:
Gaining 100% max health of T3, R2 and Visas health pool.
The health increase throughout the stall terms.
R2 increases the teams health.

Grievous then has whatever stupid amount of health... and has 3 attacks that depending on if the health scaling has diminishing returns or not hit for a metric ton of damage... He then proceeds to hit Traya as hard as he can for 3 turns taking care to not topple her, so that she can hit him, triggering counters from retribution, squeezing as many attacks as possible, all of which should be critting due to the T3 buff combined with his lead.

I'm sure better theory crafters than me can advise accordingly, but I feel that there's a lot of tools for a really really high level of scaling. It's nice that you want a team of supports/healers to allow to to dawdle as long as possible. I have no idea if the Retribution is worth the 5th slot, but if it doubles your attacks at god mode, it might well be.
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    That's more thought out then my "I'm curious how gg would do on p3 with all supports modded for health"
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