Gear challenge broken after update

This should be impossible. Years of playing and I have never seen it.


  • i have gotten 7 drops of carbantis twice so far in my 3 years of playing but my **** muscle memory closed the tabs both times before my brain could process what happened and tell my hands to take a screenshot lol
  • I have played since a month after launch, and never got more than 5
  • Happened to me once in three years. I have yet to see 2x2 zetas from the fleet challenges.
  • I have played since a month after launch, and never got more than 5

    Tis me as well.
  • 5x3 again yesterday for me. So frustrating when there's dozens of characters waiting for Carbanti.

    Mk6 Hypo though? Vast majority of my drops are 4-6.
  • People have also seen and taken a photo of bigfoot and the lochness monster....I remain skeptical
  • Rath_Tarr
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    I don't recall ever getting more than 5 Carbantis and 3 is a frustratingly common occurrence.

    I know they are supposed to be a bottleneck but throw us a fricken bone here .. At least make it 4-5 like the Chiewabs.
  • Wow go play the lotto. 3 and 5 everyday for me for almost three years. It's really all false advertising. Just like the mythic events when they kill off 2 of your characters like you could really three star it.
  • I'm pretty sure I got 7 a few days ago. But I automatically closed the menu (who doesn't, lol) so I couldn't take a screenshot. Only a few seconds later I realized what the hell just happened.
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