Embo BH v JTR. P1 v P3 Heroic

My guild is just starting (and failing) at Heroic. We stall with about 10% left of P3. So I need to Min Max my deployment.

My JTR team can do 4-5M in P1 Heroic. I hear she can also do great in P3 but I have not tried her.

I have double zeta Embo g12 BH. My Aurra is not ready. Cad, Dengar g10. Greedo g11. Boba Bossk g12. In T6 this team can do 3.5+ in P1 and 2.5+ in P3. They are getting rocked in Heroic though. I'm guessing its gear which can be fixed.

So questions:

Can someone that runs Embo lead in Heroic give me some hints? Is it just gear?

Also if I can pull 2+M in P1 with Embo in P1 is JTR any good in heroic P3? Foresight getting copied seems like it might be an issue...

Would love some advice. I have a good P2 and p4 team. Dont have DT for Chex Mix close to ready though. Thanks in advance.


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    Do you have C-3PO? He can make or break a JTR team in either phase -well, just make, really.(and remember, it is a good habit to get into as a guild, especially when you are just breaking into HSTR, to think in percentages of phase, not damage numbers. For example, 10% of phase 2 is 5.2 Million, but 10% of phase 3 is only 3.6 Million - however, that 3.6 million in phase 3 is going to be a MUCH bigger boon to the guild!)
    Anyways, if you are running JTR, bb8, R2, Trooper, And scav Rey for that 9-11% of phase 1, you shouldn’t really expect much more than about 4% (1.5M range) in phase 3.
    Substitute threepio for scavenger, and you can expect that phase 1 score to go to 14-18% pretty quickly (7-8 Million range), or around 10% of phase 3 (only 3.6M, but the score improves by 250%, as opposed to a 50-70% bump in phase 1).

    Can’t really speak to the Embo teams, I haven’t had the resources to dip into him yet, but I am sure somebody else can help there...

    More than anything, it is a question of how much ‘spare’ power your guild has -do you have 20 of those JTR teams that can do similar damage to yours for phase 1 (and in the hands of guildies you can count on to be punctual and dedicated enough to restart a run that goes sour)? Then save 5 of them (preferably 3pO teams) for phase 3 (same goes for Revan teams, sure they can rock high teen percentages in phase 2, but spare teams can also knock off 7-10% of phase 3. How about sisters for phase 4? You really only need like 4 Assajj teams to take down Nihilus, so anyone with the Talzin lead zeta could look at running a phase 3 death storm team), because phase 3, as you have discovered, is the real roadblock in the raid...

    Anyways, hope that helps, and look forward to hearing that your guild beat the raid very soon!

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    Thank you. No 3p0s in guild. Only 16 JTRs and 2 didnt even attack last time. Sadly we are working on our participation. ;)

    We are great for P4 and have a lot of maxed G12 NS. We just can't get there yet. P1 and P3 are the problem. Have a guy from another guild just join that says he can 90% Nihilus in P4. So we should be good there.

    Truth is P1 and P3 are just demoralizing for a lot of people. Very little interest in the raid it seems. I just don't want to leave my guild.
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    I hear ya, it took us a looong time to get there as a guild.

    If you have a lot of Nightsisters, then Death Storm sisters might be your answer to knock it out ‘in house’ - while internet numbers are huge, our guys with more moderate mod sets were finding 6-18% percent was a much more realistic figure (I think our in guild death storm record is 29% of phase 3). Maybe they can get you over the hump?


    Also, while it is hardly a huge contribution, since I run Bounty and the Beast for phase 3 (boba, Greedo, chewie, Pao, Death Trooper), I will often follow my run with a generic brand Chex mix of g12 CLS and Han, g9 JKA And Ahsoka Tano, and g8 Chirrut. It’s not earthshaking, but it runs around 1.5% (I’ve hit 2% a couple times) - those do add up if you are light on Death Troopers as a guild...
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    OK, let us put it this way:

    First, do not fight with multiple teams at the same time. One person enters and fights, and when done tell so another can enter (critical at close to the end of a phase).

    Second, use your JTR teams first on P1, and only after all have gone there look at secondary teams to finish it off.

    Third, on P2 go with Revan teams, they really do crazy damage, and now with the GG there are droid teams that put in decent damage (requires extra testing though). Only after they have been exhausted look to alternative teams.

    Fourth, on P3 use first the C3PO teams once you have them. If you do not have any, go first with the good old ChexMix. Only after you have used them all finish off with bounty hunters.

    Finally, on P4, Nightsisters first, and once they are done, throw in EVERYTHING left.

    By using the specific teams that do maximum damage in a given phase you actually make life much easier. And yes, it requires good communication during the raid.
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    Thanks guys. This is helpful.

    So no one runs Embo lead in Sith?
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    We are not running Heroic but I have experimented with my BH arena team in all phases. Embo lead is not a good fit for P3 in my opinion. Bossk lead works better for Traya, Embo lead for Nihilus.
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    Yeah relying on Greedo for P3 is just annoying. Endless restarts is lame.
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    Same observations apply for Grredo. Optimal strategy vs Traya is fewer, bigger hits / AoE to clear sabers efficiently and nuke her when she's toppled.
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    Embo is great for P1, but You need Greedo in this team, Boba bossk and CAD or jango. This team can do 15% of P1. For p3 the best is NS team. Talzin lid zeta, ventress zeta unique, daka zeta zombi and initiate max gear8. This team can do 20-60% of p3. The difference can be huge couse of the rng.
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