How many mates are minimum for heroic ?

what is the minimum of strong mates you need to crush heroic sith ?

Let‘s assume everyone has one of the best teams ready for each phase...

How many JTR do you need to kill off P1 ?
How many Bastila/Revan teams for P2 ?
And ChexMix /GreedoMix for P3 ?
How many Nightsisters for P4 ?


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    If that's the case round 20-25 depending how maxed they are in those squads
  • Waqui
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    Depending on gear, mods and player skills:

    A JTR team does 6%-12% in p1, jedi a bit less.
    A Revan team does 8-15% in p2.
    A Chexmix team does 6-9% in p3, GreedoMix does more, Bounty and the Beast does even more, and NS do 20-40 % dmg.
    A NS team does 40-100% of Nihilus in p3.

    If using these estimates and considering which teams you have available, you can do the math.

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    My guild has been seeing slightly different numbers.

    Top RJT squads are doing 15-20% in p1. 6-7 players could kill p1.
    Top Revan squads are doing 15-25%. 4-6 players can kill p2.
    Chex mix is still doing 6-9% in p3. If relying on that, I'd still bring 15-20 good Chex players.
    2-3 strong NS players should make short work of Nihilus.

    There was an 8-man team that killed the Sith Raid months ago. Could probably kill it with 4 great players these days.
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    Skelturix did it with only 8. Look it up on YouTube
  • komji15
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    Last time at my hstr raid, I did almost 65M.

    p1. Resistance — 7.0M
    p2. Jedi w/ Revan lead — 12.4M
    p3. Finn w/ c3po — 38.4M (Soloing)
    p4. Nightsister — 5.2M
    p4. First Order — 0.5M
    p4. Sith — 0.4M
    p4. Jedi w/ Zarriss — 0.3M
    p4. Scroundel w/ Enfys — 0.3M
    p4. Rebel w/ CLS lead — 0.6M

    I think 6 people will clear hstr.
    With 6 JTR squads (15-16% of p1),
    they can clear p1.
    If 5% is left, Revan can clear it and move on to p2.
    Use 4 Revans, and clear rest of p2 w/ Sabine squads.

    P3? Only one can do it. Like me.
    (Before finn is nerfed)

    P4 DN: Use All Asajj’s NS teams.
    P4 Sion: Use 2 Revans.
    P4 Traya: Use the rest of all squads.
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