Logray not in guild store anymore?

Since i have Paploo at 7 stars, Logray is missing in the guild store. I am looking for him several times a day, i never miss a refresh of that store. It's been a week now. Where did Logray go??


  • I just got my first one after 4 days. Still there, just RNG
  • He went to RNG land. He’ll show up eventually.

    By the way, the best way to see him regularly is to get him to 7*.

  • ... or to run low on Guild Store currency. Pretty much guaranteed to appear then.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Logray is actually the Ewok word for Loki. ;)
  • Had him appear once today, but have also had long stretches with absolutely nothing despite checking every refresh.
  • Yeah the sucker is rare now, and likely they made him more rare since C3PO is a thing, unfortunately CG is like that. (I'm looking at you mods 2.0, farming mods from challenges is a complete joke and waste of time, and any mods that USE to get 5 or 6 speed as a 2nd on 5 dot, now always show up as 3 speed, when it shows up)
  • He went to RNG land. He’ll show up eventually.

    By the way, the best way to see him regularly is to get him to 7*.

    You have a point there. Since i have Paploo at 7 stars it seems he appears more often.

    And i have 900+ guild store currency waiting for Logray to appear, but they must know what i'm up to. ;) Maybe i'll have Logray at 7 stars just before christmas 2025 this way. ;)

  • Being low in Guild currency assures you to see Logray in store.
    I had 1500+ coins for a week and he didn't show.
    Spent them, Logray showed 4 times in a row...
    So I stopped farming him...

    Same behavior in mod store :
    - 4M+ Normal Currency : Interesting mods in ship currency
    - 2M+ Ship Currency : Interesting mods in Normal currency
    - Full Currency combo : crap mod
    - 0 in both currency : Interesting mods in both currency

    What Else !
  • Little striped **** ghosted me for like 2 months
  • I have been holding onto my guild cash for a couple weeks now to spend it on logray. but the devs decide to take him away since he is much needed for 3po until the event comes back around so they can put him on the pay wall..i usually dont complain on here but this is rediculous. Before 3po he was there at least 80% of the time..i got tired of seeing him and now cant find him and cant farm him. What a rip off. And no this isnt rng this is straight greed!!
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