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Why am I upgrading my characters when while at the same time you are upgrading the competition? Previously three star wins in all places of power and other events that I can’t even come close to winning with even a one star now with stronger characters. What’s the point with that? Do you really think I’m gonna spend more money to upgrade just so you can still beat my characters? Or did you really think I wasn’t going to notice that I can’t beat levels I’ve previously beat?


  • Noticed no difference the last two days. What exactly do you think has changed? It's the easiest assault battle we have. Needs a Mythic tier.
  • crzydroid
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    Did you switch leaders or change mods?
  • Vendi1983
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    It's still a joke Assault Battle. The only character that's been touched since I started beating the final tier many months ago was GMY. If they gave him his newer kit you'd know. You can still shock him and he doesn't spread foresight and fly around 3 turns in a row like a Jelly Bean on crank.

    I've noticed minor changes in difficulty purely based on who you go into the final tier at full TM with. And also abilities off cooldown. As long as you beat the previous tier using primarily basics the final should be a breeze.
  • Auto'd the first two tiers and did the third manually. FO g12z, g10, g10, g9, g8. Still EzPz.
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