Update on Grand Arena and Territory Wars

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We announced that with the introduction of the Grand Arena our intention was to continue to move Territory Wars in a “more playful and fun direction”. We’ve heard your feedback over the last couple months - what works, what doesn’t, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to never see again - and we wanted to share some of the changes we’re making.

We will continue to experiment on Territory Wars with new abilities and ensure this is an exciting mode to explore new and uncommon teams. We will be bringing back some of the past favorites and introduce new ones as we look to keep the experience fresh.

We have made several changes to our upcoming plans to address the feedback we received:
  • No More Complete Character Bans - Our original intention was shake up which squads you’d face - rather than just facing the same top powerhouse squads all the time - but we hear you that the first implementation was too restrictive to be fun for many players and entirely removes some of Star Wars’ most iconic characters from regular play. We aren’t planning on bringing picks or bans back to Territory Wars in the same way - where a character is completely blocked from the entire event. However, we will continue to explore ways to encourage more “alternative” squad formations on the map. We will also more heavily lean into focusing on bonuses and passives to really elevate some of the less used characters or just provide new utility to well known characters.
  • Frequency of Events - We can now support running multiple events at the same time, so we are adding more Grand Arena events each month starting in March. See more details below.
  • Grand Arena Auto-Deploy - It’s really annoying to get into Grand Arena and not have an opponent place any defenses. Not only does it deny you a small amount of credits or quest progress, but you just can’t participate in the fun! We have working on this feature since the launch of Grand Arena but ran into several difficult bugs. The good news is we are close to hammering out the major issues with Auto-Deploy, and we hope to add this to one of the next couple updates.

Grand Arena will continue to be the best place to test your roster, and we will be growing the number of events per month. We had originally tuned the Grand Arena to only run once or twice a month, but we have heard your feedback that you want Grand Arena to occur more frequently than that. To accommodate for these additional events the March 3rd Grand Arena will stay with current rewards but March 17th and 24th will have updated rewards to compensate for the increased number of events.

We are also considering rebalancing what kinds of rewards you would get as mods and mod salvage are incredibly important for bringing your team’s power up to the next level of competition.The logic being that the rewards you earn from a competitive mode should help you do better the next time you dive into that mode.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these changes and how we can make these modes even more fun.

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