Focused Vs Unfocused Rosters in GA

Especially as total GP goes up, the current matching punishes longtime players with a general roster instead of a focused one, someone can have a lot of G10 & g11 and have no shot against fewer teams that are all G12, total GP is not a good indicator of roster strength when one level can make such a massive difference in strength and so little difference in GP


  • Correct.
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  • Hopefully there are formats in the future that require, say, double the teams. That would let the broader rosters shine through and would be a good way to exercise that component of roster building (and I'm saying this as someone with a focused roster).
  • Wimma
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    I'd love to be able to use more toons - the most fun matches aren't the top 3 teams of my opponents, it's scraping together the toons I rearley use for a lower gear fight.
    If the aim of GA is to see who has the best top 3 teams, it's bang on.
    If the aim is to punish you for building up more characters to experiment with, it's bang on.
    If it's to bring a wider selection of characters into gameplay, it's way off.
    Adding more platoon slots would help some, but also flattening the map (put everything on the front line!) would get more characters involved too.
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