Undo purchases feature

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I have made few times wrong purchase from shipments. Usually some touch screen problem (water on screen, cat steps to tablet or broken glass protector) but some times just on human error.
The possibility to undo purchase would be great. for example a final confirm of all purchases from that area.


  • I just made an unintended purchase myself today that cost me 1,280 crystals that I was saving for other things. Real bummer to make this kind of mistake and would love to be able to “undo” it. Please help CG!
  • A final confirmation, or a "did you want to make all these purchases" before you leave the page to save us all from misclicks, screen lags and curious little fingers would be heavenly. :wink:
  • I’ve come very close several times due to lag. A confirmation would add a level of comfort.
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