Think I can get a 5 star Threepio?

Here are my murder bears:

I should have my Chirpa at 5 stars before the end of the event. The team I plan to use is zChirpa, Wicket, Elder, Logray, and Paploo. All except Paploo are completely omegaed. I can mod each of them for over 100 speed. Do you guys think they’ll need more gear or anything?


  • I'd say get them at least gear 8 and use decent mods. I think you'll get the 5 star.
  • You should be fine for a 5* unlock with a little more gear, your team composition is optimal.
    I wouldn't stop at G8, though, if you have the resources. It might be doable if you only take the ones still undergeared to at least G8, however you will need them at G10-11 for later tiers anyway and even on T5 it will save you from a lot of annoyance caused by RNG.
  • Paploo is the only one below g8 and he needs a carbanti. I’ll make sure to put that piece on him.
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  • Got him! Brought my Chirpa to 5 stars today and was finally able to attempt T5. Decided to put a bit more gear on the team and I didn’t bother to move any mods. Paploo was still without omegas.
    Chirpa 153 speed
    Elder 139 speed
    Logray 149 speed
    Wicket 180 speed
    Paploo 161 speed
  • Got him 5* today. Zchirpa g10, wicket, paploo, EE, and logray all g9,+60ish speed on all. Wicket and logray 6*, others 7*. Pain in the ****. Definitely more annoying and harder than chewy (although needed g12 zBossk to 7* him)
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