Nightsisters issue

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Hi everyone,
had some issues today in p3 + p4 of t6. After some time you can clear all the swords at once with the special ability of assajj. This time it only took out always 2 of the 3 (no foresight). Then when I came to p4 the zombie never got a turn...

I restarted after a while and everything went as usual... strange



  • jkray622
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    Even though a Saber doesn't have foresight, it is still possible for it to evade. That's likely what happened in that scenario.

    When you switched into p4, did Zombie already have his red "-2" debuff? If so, it will stay across phases, and he will not get a turn. The only way to clear that debuff is to have another Nightsister die (without isolate), and have him use his revive on her - unfortunately you likely already used up both of Zombie's sister-revives in phase 3, so zombie would be stuck.
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