Could I get C3PO without Wicket and over 200 speed?

My plan is to use Chief, Elder, Paploo, Logray, and Scout. All are gear 9 with scout at 10 and elder at 11. I have omegas most of their abilities and a zeta on Chief. I've seen everywhere that speed and Wicket make it easy. However my Wicket is 4 star and the others have less than 200 speed. Could RNG be on my side by the time the event comes around to get C3PO to at least 5 star maybe up to 6 or 7? I'd like to here people's thoughts and see what i can do to improve.


  • Krjstoff
    635 posts Member
    Don't get your hopes up for 7 stars ... it's not happening. You need them at G11.
    6 stars may be possible.

    Check out my bears if you like. They are exactly like they were when I got 7 star C-3PO.
    Took me a lot of tries to get the RNG right.
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