What is with Lothal 6-E on Hard?

Do Recon Stormtroopers really need to do that much damage on an AOE ability? They are only level 61. I almost always lose a member of my team after the first volley. And I try as best as I can to CC as many as I can and burn one or two down before they start. It's a bit over the top.


  • Wait until you get to the level 70+ clone sergeants in the 7 hard nodes. They are level 72-76 with tons of health and their AOE is much worse. I still haven't managed to 3* a couple.
  • I still haven't 3-starred that one, but tripled all of the level 7 Hard nodes. I think I suck.
  • Same. I was barely able to pass it this morning. I got 2 stars but still, it jumps in difficulty from the other missions on the same level.
  • Sounds like you may need to gear your guys up a little. I did 3-stars with QGJ lead, Chewie, Rey, JC, Lumi, and I believe my Ally was Bariss.
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