Running out of steam grinding tier 6

I run an 85 Mil GP guild and we've been running tier 6 sith raids for some time. Getting some chatter from in the guild that they would like to move back down to 5 to be able to clear them faster as the rewards don't seem much different. Anyone else run into this morale barrier? We are priority farming the necessary teams for heroic but its a long wait...


  • Cgb046
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    We are much the same. About every 4th raid, I drop down to 5 for one. That seems to be enough of a break and people are mostly ready to go again. We are a little weaker, only about 77 mil, but pretty close.
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    That's what we did. We only used 6 as a readiness check.
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  • jkray622
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    How long does it take? Days? How close are you to heroic? Have you attempted it yet?
  • SirAlec
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    We attempted heroic last week we run t6 comfortably fast but heroic destroyed us on P1
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    You need minimum 25 jtr teams. If you have revan, 10 can comfortably clear p2. P3 revan is again good. If you use discord hstr bot is good at telling you when your guild is ready.
    Seeing as you are both working towards hsith, have you both considered merging together and forming a hsith guild?
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