Impossible without elder?

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I can have chirpa, wicket, Paploo, Logray, and Teebo all 7* g11 this week but my elder is barely 5*. Oops! Has anyone done it without elder?


  • RandomSithLord
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    I guess the only way to beat it without Elder is G12+ and Scout instead of Teebo. All zetas to regain as much health and protection as possible. Maybe not even then.
    Without Elder, you won't be able to resurrect any fallen ewoks and they are very squishy. The only chance may be to have enough damage output to anihiliate the other team before they do the same to you. However, you can hardly even start a TM train (the other factor that really helps ewoks next to the revive) without Elder. I think he is the only toon that you absolutely can't replace. You can leave out one or two from the Logray, Wicket and Paploo trio, you can even beat it with Teebo lead if you don't have Chirpa but you have good enough gear. Elder seems to be a must have.
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