Shard shop or toons?

should i recycle resources to shard shop or get new mediorcre toons


  • Kyno
    20745 posts Moderator
    It never hurts to do a split on any toon you see as slightly or possible useful in the future, but if you dont see a use, gear is always helpful.
  • Jarvind
    2082 posts Member
    I finished every character in every shop (or got enough shards to do so, at least) before I started trading shop currency for shard currency. You never know who will be reworked, and it's nice to have unpopular characters 7-starred for use in Territory Battle platoons.

    The only character I didn't bother with at all is Eeth Koth. I dunno why, I have 7* Mob Enforcer and CUP who are just as bad or worse, but that guy can just get bent.
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