Refresh some toons

The gw squad cantina shops could use a refresh, with all the new toons that been coming out it would be nice to new a new face in at 1 of them


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    The dev team stated that those stores are meant to be used for shard shop currency once you "run out" of toons to farm.
  • Even some old toons that most folks have but new players don't. I'm thinking Baze, for one. Why should Baze be hard to get at this point in the game? Seems weird. Most of us have him, sure, but he could help new players and he's 2 years behind the meta now, so making him more available than a hard-node farm is surely reasonable.

    Others that might be made more available in stores include a couple of the no-name Sith (if Marauder can be a toon of the month, it can be in GW or Arena store). You could swap out Luminara for Bastila in the GW store. All the clones & tuskens could be made easy to 7*. After the 3rd time 3PO event finishes, you could make the ewoks easier to get. I would have said Lobot, except they're apparently planning something special for him soon. (Which is too bad, b/c if he wasn't getting an overhaul I would have spent GW tokens on getting him to 7* just for Platoons. Now I'll have to farm him the long way or ignore him).

    The one toon that is genuinely new and probably useful that I'd like to see go straight to the GW store is the B1. Whenever the withhold P2P cycle is over, regardless of how useful the toon is, in the source material they're clearly a dime a dozen. Why not roll with that characterization by making them a GW farm?

    There's a couple ships, too, that could easily be made more available. The Gauntlet, for instance. Gar Saxon and ISC are completely disregarded toons. By making either Gauntlet or the crew (or both) easily available you could rekindle interest in a ship that's actually good and a pair of toons that are mediocre but fun to play. By making them a more expensive farm for a pair of toons that's so worthless compared to others that are easier to acquire, the game simply guarantees they'll get ignored.

    I have the Gauntlet at 7* just out of a general sense of why not?, but I've never farmed ISC or Saxon. Others tell me it's a good ship, but I'm already #1 in fleet arena everyday, why would I bother with ISC/GS just to try a ship that I'm obviously fine without?

    Those are the kind of things that can change metas. If Gauntlet + Crew were easy to get (and assuming they're easy to gear, I don't know), you might have a different meta for new players that then transitions away as players get the harder-to-acquire ships like Hound's Tooth.

    Anyway, it's not about just that ship or those toons, it's about the fact that the stores can be used to shift the game in interesting ways by making some non-meta toons more easily available, which might create really different (and possibly more fun!) new dynamics in the mid-game.

    At least it would be different, and therefore less boring.
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