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The SWGoH Squad Builder spreadsheet is a multi-use tool for the mobile game "Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes".

What does it do?
In short, it stores and analyzes squads for various modes of the game.

Download Player Data
Download yours, your opponent's or your entire guild's player data!

Compare your squad's stats side-by-side with an opponent or guildmate.

Player data is retrieved using both SWGoH.gg and SWGoH.help APIs thanks to PopGoesThaWza's Core Sheet!

Filter Heroes
There are several useful ways to filter your downloaded rosters which comes in handy during Territory Wars especially.

Filter by galactic Power - The standard, and TW minimum, is 6,000 GP. But what if your guild has higher standards and you don't want any units lower than 15k GP? Just set the filter, and all units below the threshold are removed from availability.

Multiple PvP Modes
In any of the following modes, select from a vast array of predefined (and user added) squads and receive counter squad suggestions with strategy notes and, in some cases, video or discussion links.
  • Arena
  • Grand Arena
  • Territory Wars
  • PvE Modes

There are also several suggested squads for upcoming character events as well as raid squad compositions, again with strategy notes.
  • Events
  • Quests
  • Raids
  • Territory Battles

  • Your guild reset - As well as the current guild activity and what to save for to maximize guild rewards.
  • Squad arena payout countdown
  • Fleet arena payout countdown
  • All three raids! - Separate countdown timers for each raid, just as a reminder that it may be closer than you realized.

Upcoming Events Calendar
  • Territory Battle
  • Territory War
  • Grand Arena
  • Character Events

Squad Management
Create and save your own squads (with multiple sub leaders as well as sub support units) and counter squads with your own notes.

On-screen navigation tips
My most recent addition is the On-Screen navigation tips that helps guide you through, not only how to use the sheet in each mode, but also how to setup the sheet to maximize it's performance.

Many updates, including new characters as well as the core squads and counter squads are updated remotely. So there's no need to create a new copy of the sheet.

When there is a major patch/update, multiple warnings will appear with links to make a fresh copy. In addition, there is also a communication window at the bottom where I'm able to drop notes to let users know the status of the sheet and when they might expect a revision.

Download the SWGoH Squad Builder Spreadsheet

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