You had 3 months to prepare, stop complaining

Yes this event is very difficult, and yes logray is a pain to farm, but this event came out 3 months ago. I never farmed a ewok since I started playing this game and started mid January. With 1 refresh a day I farmed wicket in 1 month, and logray in 2 months.

Every guide under the sun Highly recommended, g11-12, zeta chirpa, high speed mods, and wicket and logray. If your missing one of these the event will be very difficult, but its been 3 months, plenty of time to get your ewoks in order (personally I enjoy the squad and didn't mind spending the gear/ zetas/ omegas). Its on you if your ill prepared.

My murder bears are all g11, logray and wicket, zeta chirpa, and I seven starred it in 20 minutes.

And honestly I enjoyed the difficulty. Just because I have the "optimal team" and geared it well, you still cant just set it on auto (which maybe many of you think your can do). Having to spend time to sit and think about your next moves is fun and makes the game interesting. You spend 2-3 months panic farming stuff for heros journeys and you just set it on auto, its totally boring. And on another note Chewbacca and c-3po are not meta defining, if you don't get them its not going to ruin the game for your, but at the same time they are very good so theyre worth the grind.

Anyway I hope your all get the golden god!


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    Congrats and agreements with the above. 3PO is a lot of fun and truthfully we need more fun toons now with the meta being too darn stale. Thankfully 3PO is also useful in countering that meta to a small degree.
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
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    I think the main bottom line complaint is the luck that is needed with anything below a maxed out squad. Which I totally agree with. It's frustrating with the AI getting a volley of attacks in and starting with a whole lunch tray of buffs on them all.

    But like you said, the more people try to lowball with gear and abilities and the toons..the harder it will be. I did this. Just because I ran out of time (a g12, 11, 10, 9, 9--two zetas). It frustrated me right up until the hour of glory.

    On the plus side, thinking back, it was nice having to take 10 seconds or so with every move I made to analyze every single toon and their abilities and their current TMs. And Ewoks are real fun to use so I don't feel like I wasted the zetas or any other mats.

    I am NOT ever playing a Mythic tier of this though LOL
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    Cool story bro and glad it worked out so well for you. Unfortunately the Logray grind is real and he does not show up for some people for months. I had similarly easy farm of Wicket and others but in the same time I got my Wicket from 3* to 7*, I got roughly 30 total Logray shards. I mean I managed to get C3PO 7* but that meant upgrading Scount to G11 (who is useless outside of this event now) and making Elder G12. With Logray I could have got away with G9 Ewoks and saved a lot of gear.

    Oh and that 30 shards came with refreshing the guild store 2 times a day for 50 crystals per refresh. It is statistically close to impossible that the Logray occurance in the shop was not rigged considering how infrequently he showed up compared to the other guild store characters. And having Logray at 54/100, the weekley shipment would not have helped me neither.
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    no need for Logray

    I 7-starred with around 15 tries.
    The run where RNG was good was pretty easy to finish.

    zChirpa (only zeta), Elder, Paploo, Wicket, Scout

    all G12 with arena mods.
    I did exactly what was said, farmed and geared for 3 months, deciding not to go for Logray and to instead work on what I had.
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    These rats did it...lot of ugly modshifting but don't give up...very low gear teebo still better than scout by the Way
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    Really I think you have to have Wicket or Chirpa at least. Need at least one of those. Directed stealth on elder seems to be the key. G11 zeta Paploo melts. G11 zeta Logray is helpful but Chewie + soldier can kill my G12 40k health Elder in one round. I'm lazy and using Teebo lead. Did 5 and 6* in just a few tries, but 7* if Elder falls out of stealth, you lose.

    Also OP there are politer ways to do a stealth brag-post.
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    the event was not fun. No matter what anybody says. It was not thought out well at all.
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