I beat the C3PO event on my first try! [Video]

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edited March 2019
This was my only attempt I ever made on the final tier of the C3PO event! My RNG shrine was big enough and i was shown favor! :D

Here is a video I made of the attempt!
Summary: I don't like Chewie! XD
Also sorry for the random pauses, first time using Ewoks and I was showing a friend at the same time.

In all honesty I had crazy good RNG and got it on my very first attempt. Guess it just happens sometimes. Hopefully the rest of y'all get him before the event goes away.

For mods, I really just focused on Speed, Speed, and more Speed. I don't have the best arsenal of mods compared to other players, but it makes due.

All Characters were at Gear 11 and Chief Chirpa had his leader Zeta (Still slamming my head against a wall for using it).

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