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Personally I think these events suck the fun right out this game... They're way to difficult. It not just about doing the work to unlock the character you want anymore. Now it's about getting the exact five characters gear12 ,with zeta's ,modded just right, get the exact right kill order and hope after 500+ tries the stupid RNG goes in your favor.... Where's the fun in that? Plus if you don't jump through every hoop you miss out on game changing characters... It's only made to benefit a few people.... keep these events coming and I'm done with this game..


  • GoldMan
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    Strongly agreed. BUT what can you do beside making complaints??
    I don't think CG's KPI is to retain ALL their customers. Their objective is to retain customers whom spend $$$ on this game. Maybe CG can consider making an option that said "Pay $20" to reduce to MIDDLE difficulty of the 7* event. Pay "$40" to reduce to EASY difficulty. Pay "$0" to accept the ultimate challenge of your gaming life. LOL

    Oh I refuse to pay $$ so I am facing the HARD level of the difficulty. I am still stuck at 7* C3 tier.
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    I can farm everything I need all zetas all gear all characters. But still have to wait for 500+ turns for the right RNG!!!!! In this case to me it's not even about money... It's just to RNG dependent
  • HK666
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    C3- all g11, one zeta, didn't move from sub-par mods at all, took about 16 tries.

    Chew- 2 g12, 3 g11 (no dengar), one zeta, about two dozen tries, swapped arena mods ( my revan is 284 to give you an idea of what arena mods are for me. that's +124 speed. I hear top dogs are above 300 speed) on two toons, 3 tries afterward

    either I have good luck, or you guys have bad luck/mods. While the events are hard and too RNG reliant imo, they are within reason. Especially with them telling us that these are harder than Thrawn
  • GoldMan
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    @HK666 congrats on obtaining the most difficulty to get toons.
    Your hardwork pay off.

    As you said; either you are lucky or we are unlucky or maybe even both conditions.
    Than you got to count those crying out in this forum as freaking unlucky players. LOL. I am one of them.
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    yeah they are hard but putting the gear in isnt as bad as people make it out to be. I would rather gear Phoenix, BH's and Ewoks to use in other parts of the game then do that slog again of leveling the Vets for JTR. They provide absolutely no use anywhere else. Its just lucky they arent required to be high gear for the event. Most people hate these grinds because it takes them away from grinding the meta toons, im on an old shard so ive given up trying to get to the top of that arena mountain, I think the closest I came was like rank 14 once. Its just too much **** work to get those hard to farm toons, plus pray for god mods on top of it, at least to me.
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    Keep at it, it could be worse, they could have done a cls/revan style event and forced you to have certain toons.
    Yes it's hard but at the end you feel like you accomplished something when you get it.
    Unlike revan/ cls/ jtr which just rewards you for getting the right teams.
    Checkout the guides that are around they helped me a lot.
  • BucMan55
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    I think one of the reasons they toned up the difficulty on these events are due to the synergy the two unlocking squads have. If they fought a reasonably geared squad meant for those 5, 6, or 7 star characters, the BH would blow them away in three turns. The Ewoks would go and go and go and never give the rebels a chance to do anything. So they had to up the speeds. They had to up the health/damage at lower tiers. A friend of mine has really slow ewoks but they are much better geared and starred than mine(and he has Logray) and he is unable to unlock at 5 stars. The rebels are so powerful that his slow speed ewoks die due to just having circles ran around them. Give the ewoks a modicum of speed and all of a sudden they can interrupt the rebels and start hitting back.
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