47/50 Top Squad Arena are Revan teams and we should all be ashamed of what we’ve become.

I get that there should be Jedi and Sith squads that are more powerful than other factions because of a little something called The Force, but you’ve created an overpowered character here that is unbeatable. You have to get the math right where being a pro player will give you the advantage you need to at least get to a 50% Win rate against any team when you’re fully geared and zeta’d. There should be a variety in the Top 50. I get that Revan is very hard to acquire, but he’s no different than many other legendaries. Lastly, do you know how many people don’t care about KOTOR? Do you know how many more people care about characters from the original trilogy? Do you have a side deal with Steam for every person who buys the old games for $10 a pop? Aren’t you making enough money with this game? Nerf Jedi Jesus over here and let’s make Galaxy great again.


  • No_Try
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    There are numerous teams that can beat Revan -at least %50 of the time-. Is that what anyone desires though? Why not take at least %90, or %100 if possible? Thus the picture you see right now.
  • The way I see it, they missed an opportunity with revan. They should have released both versions at the same time with each a counter to the other. People could have chosen their favourite(both if a whale I suppose) and we would have at least 2 different Meta in top 50
  • Madlax
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    try 196/200...
  • I can beat Revan teams with my Traya team 70% of the time (99% if my Thrawn is faster than their Revan).

    The problem is it's stupidly easy to beat any other team when using Revan, it's pretty much a guaranteed win.

    If the meta doesn't change soon I'll be switching to Revan as well because I fall much further over night with my Traya team, I just find Revan mirror matches so boring.
  • JediMindTricks
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    From day 1 end of October I hated playing Revan vs Revan. If Traya wouldn’t fall so far I changed back. But who wants to climb 70 spots fighting Revan mirror matches? I sure don’t.

    You developers need to hurry the hell up with something else. This game has started to disgust me and I’m ready to walk away after 3 and a half years.
  • Revan is the most boring toon ever. I can barely stand playing arena.
  • Wimma
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    I don't get the need to make every new character so strong.
    You need balance in the force!!
    Meanwhile Mace Windu still blows.
  • Icuii
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    CG/EA are bantha poodoo and so are the shills defending their blantantly overpowered squad. If it wasnt overpowered why would 90%+ people that are ranked have it? Is this a healthy arena with variety? Is the top 100 not enough, does this need to continue to the top 1000??? Power creep is EoLing this game, so much for your $300+ investments.

    Its never been this bad. CG has a terrible AI that favors revan because defending squads that arent Revan cant defend, even if theyre capable on offense.

    If you dont want to play the game and buy your way to ranks, if you want to continue renting arena spots at the expense of players who build up their rosters, then keep buying Revans. Your bought pixels can compete against the same bought pixels until everyone has enough of this garbage and moves on to the next mobile game.
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