Unequal Measure

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Hello, I would to complain two thing game-related, only one is event related though, but basically the same thing, which the thread title states.
1. The C-3PO event is favoring the Rebels, because the Rebels have 6 members on their team, while players can only have 5. Please make this event more balanced.
2. The Fleet Battles(not the PVP one) are unfair, because the CPU can and will have 2 copies of the same fighter(like the CPU having two Jedi Consular’s Starfighter at the same time), while Players can only use one copy.

Those are my main complaints, can y’all fix them, please?


  • Nothing to fix, so, your all good.
  • Garebel
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    Nothing to…!? No offense but in those instances the CPU is cheating! Would it be a better idea to make it so it’s like you’re fighting another player or something? Sorry, but I want the guys behind this game to at least make fair for BOTH sides…
  • Lol, It’s not cheating, and as evidenced by the multitudes passing both of your issue areas, also is doable. The fight is supposed to be hard, And it is supposed to be a pain,. As such it is designed to be a pain. While you might not like it, it is not broken nor cheating for the game to have those parameters to use against the player.
  • Rhunne
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    You are literally complaining about a game cheating you...

    If this is what warrants you complaining, perhaps it's time you move onto a game where the ai is.. Less intuitive, and the events are designed to be won with little to no effort.
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