Are you ready for Darth Revan?


**Shades of the Fallen**
An all-heroic guild has 2 spots open!

We are seeking friendly, active players to fill a few open spots in our guild.

Our main guild (NightShades) is 126m GP and has all 3 heroic raids on farm. We earn on average between 37-40 stars in territory battles and can earn more once we fill our empty spots. We have a very good territory war record as well.

Raid times are 6-9pm eastern time depending on raid. We complete heroic sith raid in about 8-12 hours from when it's launched. It's on a 4-5 day rotation. We also occasionally launch sith raid in the morning to give people in other time zones a better shot at phase 1 and 2.

To join our main guild we have the following requirements:
* Be active (500+ tickets daily.)
* Discord app required.
* Be at least 2.5m GP.
* Have at least 1 useful heroic sith raid ready team (jtr, revan, NS, etc.)
* Participate in all wars and territory battles.

Don't meet those requirements? We also have an active feeder guild (TheFallenKingdom) you can join and work hard in, to move up to our main guild!

Here's what a we have to offer you:
* Friendship and mentorship.
* An active discord with knowledgeable staff.
* 37 stars on average in light side TB, 40 in dark side TB.
* 85% territory war win rate.
* Guild exclusive strategy guides.
* Those sweet traya shards.

Interested? Come chat with us on our discord:
* Interested recruits only. Poachers will be shot on sight. Some terms and conditions may apply. Limited 1 month warranty at 5.99% interest rate.

You can also message me in game with my ally code:
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